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Foster Mum is going to be taking care of this part of the web site from now on. She's going to be taking pictures, sticking them up here madly and then letting you download them to love.

Do you have some Norns that are special, or just addoriable? Why not send them to me and i'll put them up here!

These norns are only Generation 2 at the moment. They have been popped up on the web site with a bit of a rush. They are all really cute and worth downloading. If your looking to expand your gene pool, why not give these guys ago!

To get information about the norns, place your cursor over the image and wait. The name, generation and a quick note on what I was able to notice while they were in my world!

To download simply click on the picture, then you will be taken to another screen where you click on the link to start the downloading process. It looks like it's an error page, but it's not, it's actually where you download them!

Thanks to Frimlin, Melissa, Xhorsegrrl and all the other Norn owners who have sent me there norns!

The Norns avaliable for download are not oridgionally mine! For details on where they come from visit the site, or put them in the Chamber and you can see there who they were hatched to.

Look after them all, and remember that when you download them you are a part of the Foster_Family! Thank you for taking these norns and giving them a good home.


Picasso. Generation: 1444. Sent in via Chamber. Assumingly named after it's colourful fur. A very cute norn that gets along well with baby norns.

Batch Number 1

Whisper. Generation: 1443. Sent in via Chamber. A great norn that gets along well with others. Nice pastal colours that don't clash to much with the back ground!

A. Couzens. Generation: 1444. Sent in via the Chamber. A great looking norn, healthy. Good with other Norns, GREAT colouring!

Filippo Lippi. Generation 1443. Sent in via Chamber. Unfortunatly the photo didn't turn out that great, so I've decided to put this up for now. This is a male Dusky Purple adult norn. Great colours, guess your going to have to down load it to find out.

ArshGorky. Generation: 1444. Sent in via the Chamber. Nice norn, bit weak though. Download him if you can offer him a lot of love

Batch Number 2

Amata. Generation 1222. Warped in via the Chamber. Amost white! Totally loveable. Love to eat!  A must have!

Zacharis. Generation:1263. Warped in via the Chamber. He's an ancient norn, but he's got a top personality! Worth cloning with the Orb and having a few of him around.

Pent. Generation: 956. Warped in via the Chamber. Pent isn't very high on the generation scale, however I love norns that have the belly of another type of norn! I think he's addoriable!

Mikasumi. Generation: 1230. Warped in via the Chamber. A very smart norn, the result of a wolfling run, great colour and still an adult ready for you to put in your world and breed.

ch. Soutine. Generation: 1444. Warped in via Chamber. Excellent colouring! I love the natural look, it's so.... Natural.

Rackna. Generation: 1250. Warped in via chamber. This would be a great norn for people who don't have C3 on their computers. The legs are the only non-ChiChi part and it wouldn't matter to much!

Franny. Generation: 1228. Warped in via Chamber. Franny is a delightful norn. She's pregnate in this zip file to one of the other norns avaliable in this batch. Look on the web site when the baby hatches for more details.

This is the first norn pack that I've put together. Emmi, Anthea, Farah and Arnold are all generation 1. All warped in via the Chamber. Lovely colours and whats best is that they are ready to go into your world to grow up and give you lots of beautiful red babies!

Detlof. Generation: 1498. Warped in via the Chamber. A nice norn with a pretty purple colouring. He's an asset!

Locust. Generation: 1119. Warped in via the Chamber. A youth and beautiful! It's so simple!

Titan. Generation: 1231. Warped in via the Chamber. A great colour to his guy aswell, I love the green-purple effect! Definatly a must in a warpers world!

Saru!!. Generation: 1408. Warped in via the Chamber. Great green colouring. The contrasting of ChiChi spots and Begnal strips set him in a class of his own!

Limua. Generation: 1408. Sent in via Chamber. Limua has a bizzar way of standing sometimes, I noticed this and thought that I'd keep the pic!

Kisshoumaru. Generation: 1497. Sent in via the Chamber. A sweet norn that I thought might be different in the oridgional way for you worlds!

Ghould. Generation: 1231. Warped in via Chamber. I love the colour. I noticed that when Ghould was around there was a lot of slapping, I'm not sure if it was Ghould doing the hitting or getting hit. So be careful, but how can you resist the colour?

Gina. Generation: 1118. Warped in via Chamber. Although an Ancient norn, Gina is still beautiful! Clone her and then have your own Gina-Young in your world. She's a great norn!