A history on the game.


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A few years ago, Creature Labs published a game. Artificial life on your computer. To begin with there were only two in game species that you could interact with, Norns - the good guys, and Grendels - the bad guys.

The creatures start off babies, and then grow as all life would grow. They get sick like we can with colds and flus if we don't look after ourselves. Norns also have the ability to breed when put in female and male pairs.

Creatures 1, a very simple game, graphics were alright, game play was good, but it needed more. There was a world, but it only had animals living in it. Then came along Creatures 2.

In this re-vamp of the game, the Norns and Grendels are still in their oridgional world Albia. However due to an unexpected earth-quake, the world was shaken back into life and all sorts of things happened.

A new species was created the Ettins. The helpers of the Shee who were the almighty creators of all life for the Norns, Grendels and Ettins.

Also in Creatures 2, weather was added to the game. Allowing different temperatures here and there around the larger world. Animal life was also in the new game ranging from bats to birds to bees to other bugs!

The norns evolved to a more 3d image and became more chemically complex, as did the Grendel. The earth-quake woke up the hiddious Boney Grendel which was worse than the oridgional Grendel in C1.

With the adding of all these wonderful new bits of life here and there, along with the plant life that could actually grow. The world slowed down a lot.

So the Norns followed their creators the Shee into space, where Creatures 3 was born. Another totally different world for the Norns, Grendels and Ettins to live in. This world was equally as big, if not larger than the world of C2, however this time it had been split into different Terraniums.

Inside each Terranium there are different weather setting, images, plant and animal life to allow the Creatures inside it to flurish. In total there are six different areas in the game where your Creatures can explore. There are specific areas for Norns, Grendels and Ettins, as well as one for sea life, medical purposes and game play.

The new animal life is wonderful, there is always something to look at. Creatures Labs decided to then make some Creatures games, that were not so complicated. This allowed the younger people to join in on the fun. Creature Adventures and Creatures Playground were put up on the market and have been just as much as a hit as their counterparts.

This hasn't been enough for the people of Creature Lab, they have recently released another version of the game avaliable for free downloading. The Docking Station. It's an example of what the game is all about. A new breed of Norn was Created for the game.

Docking Station isn't so much a demo, it's the full game only without some extras. You'll need to buy Creatures 3 in order to dock the Docking Station and get the full usage of the game.

The game Creatures in all it's versions have kept many people intertained for many years. If you want more information about the game, go to the links page and click on the official Creatures Web Site. Enjoy!