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I am willing to put Agents, COB's and utilities on the site, if the persons involved in creating the downloads writes to me and tells me that they have a download that they have made and they want it on the site.

Unless stated other wise, downloads avaliable on the site and images are not made by me. Links to the sites are avaliable on the "links" page. For further details, go to the owner of the downloads site.


The Nornimator is great for people who love to make images with the Creatures in Creatures. It's NornPose for Creatures 3 and DS! Worth your time to download! - By SheeLabs

Fairy God Mother

The Fairy-God-Mother has a hit again. When your playing, and your Creatures are breeding and leaving eggs all round the place because the mothers don't make it to the incubator. Well this agent will solve this problem. The Fairy-God-Mother will pick up all the eggs and leave them just outside the incubator. No more sudden births in the warp chamber! By - DJ-G

Norn Head Ball

A toy with Grendels in mind. The normal round balls just do nothing for them. However this ball will. It's a Norn head for worlds with Grendels in them, loads of fun to be had by them when they bounce away the Norn's head! - By DJ-G