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Favorite Links


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These are Links to some pages that I think are totally worthy of your visiting! If you want your page here send me an e-mail at or ICQ 54203758


Official Creatures Web Site!

Home is where the heart is, if you're a Creatures lover, or just a person interested in the game, this is the place where it all started!


This is a top web site that has links to everywhere possible in relation to the Creatures Game, it doesn't matter which game you've purchased. This is the web site for web sites!

Docking Station!

Need I say more. It's where all the official stuff happens. Don't let that scare you off, it's worht going there, there is a stack of information there that needs your attention

Random's Agents

A site that has a wicked link to some pretty cool norns!

Emmental's Docking Station

Emmental has a top web site here, and it's forever helping me in the Docking Station Forums. The site has a few more Norn of knowing's there that are worth a look. Check out the web site, it's a beauty!

Mandy's Creatures

Mandy has a cute web site set up with information about installing agents. There are also Norns to download and some other information that's worth a read!

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